Zero Tolerance to Corruption: Kendrapara Admin Launches Anti-Graft Drive through WhatsApp, 3 Suspended


Kendrapara: Following the footsteps of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Kendrapara district administration has launched ‘zero tolerance’ stand on corruption with launching of WhatsApp number in the district.

The district admin has installed a WhatsApp number 9439883093 with a tag line “Anti-corruption – Zero Tolerance”.

District collector Samarth Verma has also appealed the people to shoot the video against the corrupt officials and send the same through WhatsApp number to him. Meanwhile, acting on the complaints through WhatsApp, Verma, an IIT Kanpur Graduate, has suspended three persons in graft cases.

While Panchayat Executive Officer, (PEO) of Rajakanika Block has been suspended for irregularities in PMAY, headmistress from Mahakalpada Block has faced the same music for collecting ‘Chanda’ (donation) for Ganesh Puja.

Speaking to, Verma said, “Basically we want people to record a video of bribe and send it to me. I will take strict action against the erring officials.” When asked about the steps being taken to popularize the WhatsApp number, he said, “The WhatsApp number has already become popular. Now we want to take it to every nook and corner of the district. We are popularizing it through various media tools including wall writing etc”.

The young IAS officer has also assured the people that the complainant’s number will be kept secret. As many as 85 complains have been received so far and cases are being investigated.

When asked about the idea to uses WhatsApp as a tool in the fight against the corruption, Verma said, “everybody has WhatsApp in their mobile can record video and send it to me, and it’s a powerful tool , so I decided to use it drive against corruption”.

Meanwhile the people of Kendrapara town have hailed the district admin for launching such a drive. “We are appreciating the Government’s initiatives on drive against corruption in such an innovative way”, said a resident of Kendrapara town Bhagirathi Samal.

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