What does a couple mean – a heartbreaking video of elderly couple with coronavirus goes viral


New Delhi: A heartbreaking video of an elderly couple went viral on social media amid the coronavirus scare across the globe.

The couple, who are reportedly in their 80s, are coronavirus patients. In the video, they are saying goodbye to each other at the hospital in China.

The video posed by a Twitter user, has touched human sensitivity.

“What does a couple mean? Two elderly patients of coronavirus #CoronarivusOutbreak in their 80s said goodbye in ICU, this could be the last time to meet and greet,” the caption reads.

As the video went viral, social media was flooded with reactions.

“So terrible seeing these old people suffer. Situation seems completely out of control. Thanks for sharing,” a user wrote.

“Loyalty to the beloved … what a sad video … but it’s says a lot about the splendor of that love that does not end until the end of life…” another wrote.

Another user said, “I’m heartbroken. But who is filming and how can they when it looks like the woman is in obvious distress and the man is looking for help.”

“The images of human suffering are unimaginable,” another reacted.

Meanwhile, China’s National Health Commission reported 64 new fatalities as of midnight on Monday – the biggest daily increase since the virus was first detected late last year. Wuhan, and the surrounding province of Hubei, have been effectively sealed off from the rest of the country for more than a week.

There are now 20,438 people confirmed to have the infection in mainland China.

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