Tribute to Utkalmani Gopabandhu


Bhubaneswar: Today is the birth anniversary of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das. He is well regarded for his exemplary services and selflessness.

In 1912 he outlined his vision to make India a developed country. To do so he demanded introduction of Code of Education in pattern of Japan Code of Education of 1872 which is now studied across the world. Even Amartya Sen studied the Japan Code of Education in 2005 which was studied by Gopabandhu in 1912. He also stressed on sustainable development in 1927 when he wrote an article “Prakutira Patha Loda” and now the whole world is talking about the same issue.

He also stressed on meals for students who were studying in schools and urged rich people to provide food to them in their families on the ground that food cooked for ten or fifteen people in those families can accommodate four or five students easily without spending any extra resources.

Such an idea of Gopabandhu assumes significance in the context of midday meals provided to the students. In doing that Gopabandhu was also underlining the responsibilities of civil society to provide meals to students.

I pay my tribute to such a great soul of modern India.

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