Thank You Dear CM Sir


In times of need, Odisha, has always stood up in support through any way possible.

The second wave of pandemic has been devastating. Families losing loved ones, constant unrest and fear, mental trauma of warriors and sufferers of the pandemic, shortage of supplies and space across states, all of which is overwhelming.

At this time, you have shown to us through your actions, yet again, what able leadership is all about.

In the digital age where every individual through social media is trying to contribute in their own small ways, towards the management at this time of crisis, listening and reading about your administration and the help that you provide to the other states in need is a beacon of hope for all of us. We will definitely get through this tough time.

You are quietly revolutionising and taking such informed decisions for people of your state and also to the thousands in need of support.

You are an inspiration to us all sir!

Ipsita Dash
Proud Odia

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