Swarga Dwara Transformation: An Example Of Swift And Exemplary Execution Under 5T Initiative

Puri: Swarga Dwara, a place much revered by the Hindus of Odisha and the country as well is on the verge of a magnificent transformation into a modern crematorium with all state of the art facilities. Literally meaning the Gateway to Heaven, Swarga Dwara has been undergoing a transformation process for the last one year under Odisha Government’s ambitious 5T Initiative and is ready to be a part of the grand Heritage Corridor Project.

The transformation work for the Swarga Dwara was started in February 2020 with an aim to develop the centuries old Crematorium into a modern one and provide people the best amenities possible. Under the scope of 5T Initiatives, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had ordered for its development and the district administration started the work swiftly and entrusted the work to Orissa Bridge and Construction Corporation.

The project entails a state of the art Crematorium with all the facilities for a hassle free journey to the heaven. Keeping in mind the importance of the place and the increasing pressure on available facilities, it was decided that the place will be utilized with meticulous planning. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik himself made an important announcement by ordering the removal of the Samadhi of Biju Patnaik near Swarga Dwara thereby paving the way for a more spacious Crematorium.

The Swarga Dwara Development project entails a massive two stories structure sitting on 1.3 acre land. The ground floor of the structure is having 28 funeral pyre platforms, wood storage facility and the wood counter. It will also have sufficient space for rituals conducted before the cremation. There will also be registration and ticket counters. The first floor of the structure will house the Manager’s Room, waiting hall for the people coming from various places and a cafeteria. There will also be a administration block which will have the seats for the officials. Keeping in view the need, the place will also have a separate quarter for the Sankaracharya. The open spaces will have plantation and landscaping to suit the structure. V K Pandian, Secretary 5T Initiatives, had visited the construction site many a times and himself took interest in the speedy completion of the project. Works secretary Dr Krishan Kumar has also taken keen interest in the early completion of the project. The district administration has been proactive in its part and has actively participated in its development.

The structure, being constructed using pre cast materials will be one of its kind in the state and the state run construction company OBCC has been keeping in mind the religious and cultural values attached to it. While the initial estimates were made for an expenditure of Five Crore rupees for the project, an amount of 6.37 Crore has been spend till date. Apart from the structure, all the necessary interiors designing has been completed.

Speaking to thenewsroom.co.in, Collector Samarth Verma has said that the transformed Swarga Dwara will be one of its kind places in the country with all modern facilities for the people coming to cremate the deadbodies of their dear ones. The construction has been done in a record time with the administration taking swift action and clearing the bottlenecks. This will be an important aspect of the 5T Initiative.”

According to Prabhat Kumar Panigrahy, Senior Project Manager, OBCC, “The Swarga Dwara project was a challenge for us. It is associated with the sentiments if the people. We had to build a structure that will have a lasting impact among them. We are happy that the project is almost complete and can be handed over to the administration by June this year.”

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