Schools Engaging Auto Rickshaw for Students’ Transportation Will Be Banned, Warns Min


Bhubaneswar: A day after one five-year old student died after falling off an auto rickshaw, Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera  here today warned to ban the school, if it engages any auto-rickshaw for transportation of students. 

Keeping the safe transportation of the students in mind, the Odisha Government in 2016 had issued a detailed guideline, but no one is following it, said Behera.

Warning schools to follow the safety norm, he said three wheeler vehicles like auto rickshaw have been banned.  Stringent action will be taken against the erring schools, he added.

He further urged the schools to use four wheel or buses equipped with safety grill, first aid box, hanger, fire safety etc.

Notably a class 1 student killed after falling off from auto-rikshaw while going to school in Digapahandi in Ganjam district on Thursday.

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