Satish Kaushik Gets Emo On Arriving in Mumbai 41yrs ago


Mumbai: Director and actor Satish Kaushik on Monday remembered coming to Mumbai 41 years ago to become an actor and said the city of dreams gave him everything precious in life: a thriving career and a happy family.

Kaushik, born and raised in Delhi, started his career as an assistant director to Shekhar Kapoor in 1983’s acclaimed “Masoom” and later became widely known for his role in the filmmaker’s classic “Mr India” as Calendar.

Taking to Twitter, Kaushik shared his picture from the railway station the day he arrived in Mumbai.

“I came to Mumbai to become an actor on 9th August 1979 by Paschim Express. 10th August was first morning in Mumbai. Mumbai gave work, friends, wife, kids, home, love, warmth, struggle, success, failures and courage to live happily,” the 64-year-old actor-filmmaker captioned the photograph.

“Good morning Mumbai and all who gave me more than I dreamt. Thank you,” he added.

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