Puri: Stage Set for Bahuda Yatra


Puri: The Preparations are in full swing in Puri for Bahuda Yatra of lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra on Wednesday.

The trinity will return to their permanent abode, Srimandir after the 9-day sojourn.

The district administration, Shri Jagannath Temple Administration ( SJTA ) , senior police officials and other local authorities are giving final touch to the preparations.

Besides, Sevayats, all departments including fire, public health are fully prepared for the Yatra. Covid test of all the sevayats have already completed.

Like Gundicha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra, Suna Besha and all other rituals up to Niladri Bije of the Lord will be held without devotees.

It has been decided that no one will be allowed to come to Bada Danda (Grand Road) accept Sevayats and police personnel.

Meanwhile, 70 platoon police force have been deployed, besides more than 400 officers have been stationed in the Puri to maintain law and order.

The curfew will be imposed in the district from 10pm tonight to July 2, 10 pm.

District administration has requested all to stay in home and have darsan of Bahuda yatra from home through virtual mode.

According to the schedule released by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA), the ‘Mangala Arati’ rituals will be held at 4 am and pulling of chariots will start at around 12 noon following all the rituals.

Here is the schedule:

1. Mangal Alati——————————4am
2. Mailama———————————-4:15am
3. Tadap Laagi——————————4:30am
4. Rosha Homa—————————–4:30am
5. Abakasha———————————5:00am
6. Surya Puja——————————–5:15am
7. Dwarapala Puja—————————5:30am
8. Besha Sesha——————————-5:30am
9. Gopala Ballava, Sakala Dhupa: 5:45am—6:45am
10. Senapata Lagi—————————–7:00am to 7:30am
11. Mangalarpan——————————7:45am
12. Bahuda Pahandi—————————8:00am to 10:00am
13. Besha Sesha——————————-9am to 10:30am
14. Chhera Panhara—————————10:30am to 11:30am
15. Charamala Phita and Horse fitting——-11:00am to 12 noon
16. Pulling of chariots————————12 noon


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