Puri Admin Imposes Sec 144 in Sakhigopal Temple Ahead of ‘Amla Nabami’


Puri: In a significant development development, the Puri district administration has imposed Sec.144 in and around Sakhigopal from 12 am today ahead of ‘Amla Navami”

The prohibitary order has been enforced 200 meters around the temple from November 22 to November 25.

Only Sevayats are allowed to go into the temple and complete all the rituals that are required.

The decision to this effect was taken keeping in mind the ongoing Covid pandemic and the huge crowd that is expected to gather in the temple on ‘Amla Navami’.

It is believed that all wishes of one  gets fulfilled if one has a glimpse of the feet of Radha ‘Radha Pada Darshan’ on the auspicious occasion of ‘Amla Navami’.

Lakhs of devotees generally flock to the temple every year on this day.


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