PM Reviews COVID Situation in 7 Highly Affected States

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today chaired a meeting to review COVID preparedness and response with Chief Ministers and other dignitaries of seven states, which are contributing to 62% of active cases in the country and approximately 77% of the deaths due to COVID.

The meeting was attended by Home Minister, Defence Minister, Health Minister, Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh along with respective Home Ministers, Health Ministers, Chief Secretaries, Health Secretaries, Home Secretaries and DGPs. Officials of PMO, Cabinet Secretary, Member NITI Aayog and Secretaries of Health, Home, ICMR and other officials attended the meeting.

The Chief Ministers briefed the PM about the status in their states, and various initiatives being undertaken to control the situation.

The Prime Minister requested all concerned to maintain strict follow up to ensure that the chain of transmission of virus can be suppressed in these states, besides taking adequate testing to assist in early identification of cases, focusing on fatality reduction and promoting COVID safe behaviour to prevent further spread of infection in the community.

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