On Valentine’s Day, Subarnapur Admin Spreads Love among Leprosy Patients


Subarnapur: The Valentine’s Day is known as a celebration of love and affection. It’s the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love. But, the Subarnapur district administration celebrated the day in a unique way.

With an aim to pay equal love and affection, the district admin officials celebrated the Valentine’s Day with leprosy patients.

On the occasion, District Collector Monisha Banerjee and other officials including SP, DSSO and CDMO visited a leprosy colony and met the patients. They shared lunch with cured leprosy patients.

“There are large numbers of cured leprosy patients who suffer from social stigma. Their families do not accept them back and society in general avoids contact with them. Therefore, on this Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated as day of love, the district administration has taken the initiative to spread awareness to stop this social stigma”, said Banerjee.

“We want to spread the message that socialization with cured leprosy patients is perfectly safe and they should be welcomed back into the mainstream society”, she said.

The district admin has also launched a leprosy case detection campaign from today. The campaign will continue till February 29. The Asha workers will visit door to door and screen all members of the families to detect suspects.

Meanwhile, the initiative has been widely appreciated across the State.

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