Odisha Issues SOP for Sports Activities


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Government today issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for sports activities in the State.

The Department of Sports and Youth Services (DSYS), in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Central Government, has issued the SOP contextualized to its local ground realities for getting its Sports Hostels and Sports Facilities ready after the lockdown.

The Department is planning to offer a training environment with best possible protection against infection.

The precautionary measures and protocols mentioned in the issued SOP are based on best practices being adopted across the sector.

The SOP applies to all Training Centers, Sports Hostels and Sports Facilities across Odisha wherein athletes may undertake training.

Resumption of training shall be allowed in a planned and phased manner as per government guidelines.

This SOP covers all stakeholders active at the training centers, sports hostels, and sports facilities, including – all athletes, all technical and non-technical support staff, all DSYS administrative staff, all hostels and facility management staff, all parents/ guardians to the training center/sports hostel/facility.

Sports and Youth Services Minister Tusharkanti Behera, said, “Since the health and well-being of our Sportspersons are paramount we will be taking planned and phased measures, in accordance with Central guidelines to reopen the Sports sector. We will be taking utmost care to ensure the resumption of sports and recreation activities without compromising the health of individuals or the community.”

The SOP issued will facilitate smooth transition for Sports Hostels and other Sports Training Facilities across Odisha, so that these training establishments can regain their full working potential without compromising the health concerns and government orders on the subject. In this regard, the comprehensive SOP issued by SAI is being incorporated in the Sports Hostels and Sports Training Establishments in Odisha.

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