New Revelations Firmly Establish Pradeep Panigrahi’s Anti-People Activities

Financial transactions worth more than Rs 2.4 Crore in just four months in one account with deposits made by individuals with obscure identity and background raises a number of questions regarding the integrity of the expelled BJD leader.

Bhubaneswar: The troubles for expelled Biju Janata Dal leader and Gopalpur MLA Pradeep Panigrahi seem to be multiplying with every passing day. New revelations regarding his financial transactions have given ample proof of his dubious means of income and expenditure. Statements showing his transactions with one of the banks reveal he had regular links with some people which rises suspicion on his integrity. If he wants to prove his innocence of doing no wrongdoings, then he has to answer some questions in relation to the new revelations.

Some straight questions to Dr Pradeep Panigrahi, the expelled Gopalpur MLA who is a public servant as per the definition of the Lokayukta Act include his financial transactions. In the last four months, Dr Pradeep Panigrahi’s ICICI Bank Account in Courtpeta Branch, Berhampur having ID – 203601501948 had received Rs Two Crore Forty Eight Lakh from various people. Some of the names include Rabindra Sahu and Surjya Sahu. Can Pradeep explain his links with Rabindra Sahu, who is the relative of Surjya Sahu, the well known liquor baron of Ganjam District?

Rabindra Sahu has made huge deposits in Pradeep’s bank account multiple times totaling Rs 75 Lakh in the last four months. Pradeep needs to answer why Rabindra has made these deposits into his account. Surjya Filling Station – owned by Surjya Sahu (the liquor baron) has deposited Rupees 40 Lakhs into Pradeep’s account on August 27th. Can he explain why?

All know that Dillip Panigrahi is the younger brother of Pradeep Panigrahi. Is the money deposited by Dilip in Pradeep’s account anyway related to the cash collected from unemployed youth in the name of giving jobs?

An important question that Pradeep should reveal is who is S K Maharana? Why has he deposited Rs 25 lakh in his account?

Who is Jhunu Panigrahy – why she has deposited Rs 15 Lakh in Pradeep Panigrahi’s account? Is it the money she collected from gullible youth of Lanjipalli area of Berhampur in the name of giving jobs?

Now information on deposits of Crores of rupees only in one account has come out. Questions now arise on how many more accounts does the so called pro-people Pradeep Panigrahi have? The expelled leader has showed Rs 10 lakh as his income in his Income Tax return last year. How suddenly this year he got Rs 2,48,00,000 ( Rs 2.48 Crore) in his account?

These transactions are just from one Bank Account in the last four months. How many more transactions have Pradeep made in his other bank accounts?

Pradeep Panigrahi needs to come out in front of the people with all his Pro-people financial transactions. Also, he should reveal all the transactions that have been made by all his family members.

These revelations raise questions on his links with the liquor barons and sand mafia and what favour he has made to them in return that he has been receiving such huge amounts of money.

This is the tip of the iceberg and the Pandora’s box is just opening. The financial transactions of Dr Panigrahi amount to several crores and are with people having criminal antecedents. Dr Pradeep had challenged that he had not done any anti-people activity and openly said that if proven he will quit politics. If such money laundering criminality by Panigrahi is not Anti-people, what else is?

These financial transactions are proof of his criminality and how he deceived the people of Ganjam and gained crores of illegal money. Why is he waiting….its time he walks the talk and resign immediately.

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