Naveen Visits Puri to Review Development Projects

CM Walks in Badadanda to Review Heritage Corridor Project


Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik visited Puri today and reviewed various works being taken up under ABADHA Scheme .

The Chief Minister first offered prayer to patitapaban from Singhadwar, had darsan of Neelchakra and prayed to Lord Jaganatha for the well being of the people of Odisha .

The Chief Minister also made sampurna Pariikrama of the Jagannath temple.

He reviewed in details all aspects of the Shree Jaganatha Heritage Corridor.

On South east side, from erstwhile Emar Math site , he reviewed the arrangements that are being planned for Que Mangement system.

Naveen directed that devotees should be able to have hassle free entry through Singh Dwar of temple and adequate arrangements should be made for their comfort when devotees are waiting in Que to go inside temple for Darshan of Mahaprabhu.

Patnaik advised to use technology for ensuring safety and security so that arrangements made are not very obtrusive.

While reviewing from southern side of the Meganand Paccheri, he advised to create tree shaded spaces so that Parikrama is comfortable with special emphasis on universal access.

The heritage corridor should be designed in such a manner that Person with Disabilities should be able to go around Parikrama on their own.

While reviewing on western side, he advised that no utilities like electric substation or control in master plan should be next to Meghanath Paccheri.

The present CESU control room be suitably shifted.

Devotees doing Parikrama should have unhindered view of the majesty of Meghananth Paccheri.

For devotees coming from faraway places, adequate arrangements for keeping their belongings should be made, he added.

While reviewing northern side, he advised to make adequate arrangements for serving Mahaprasad to large number of people at one go.

For elderly devotees, adequate arrangements for Electric Carts be made so that they don’t face any issue even if they are to park their vehicles at a distance
The CM has directed to complete the Land acquisition process by 1st of January next and start of work on Shree Jaganatha Heritage Corridor.

He again thanked the people who have donated land for the project.and appreciated the officials and employee s of various Dept and the district administration for their hard work .

The Chief Minister was accompanied by Development Commissioner Suresh chandra Mahapatra and Secretary to CM (5T) VK Pandian.

COVID-19 pandemic does not hinder the progress of the development projects in Odisha due to the personal monitoring by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

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