Naveen Patnaik Sets Rare Example in Fight against Pandemic

Bhubaneswar: By announcing that his party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) will not hold any rally or public meeting for the ensuing Pipli by-election scheduled to be held on May 13, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has once again demonstrated his statesmanship at the face of extremely challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

The BJD supremo’s bold decision came at a time when the leaders are routinely holding election rallies gathering thousands of people despite alarming rise in COVID positive cases.

The second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging large parts of the country. The situation is worsening each passing day with patients struggling to get hospital beds, oxygen and essential medical needs.

In the current national health crisis, the political leaders are supposed to raise above partisan differences and vested political gains to protect the lives of the people. The recklessness of political parties by holding large election rallies has simply aggravated the crisis putting tremendous pressure on public health and economy.

In such a scenario, Biju Janata Dal President Naveen Patnaik has made an exemplary decision by prioritizing the lives of the people over his party’s poll prospects in Pipli.

“Every life is precious and I always consider people of Odisha as my family members. In this extremely serious COVID-19 situation amidst surge in cases in the country, BJD has decided not to hold any public rallies or campaign meetings in Pipli by-poll”, Naveen said.

He also declared that BJD as a responsible party will not like to put the lives of people in danger.
“We contest elections to serve people. If the campaign has potential to endanger lives, I would earnestly appeal to political parties and ECI to reconsider both the duration & method of campaigning”, Naveen said.

No doubt, some political leaders at the national level had earlier announced that they would refrain from campaigning, but the Biju Janata Dal is the first party in the country to stay away from campaigning.

According to Naveen Patnaik, India is a mature democracy and together we can come out with a solution. Democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people.

Naveen Patnaik has emerged as the first leader in the country for taking such a bold step for his party.

His exemplary leadership is unparalleled. He remains close to the people at all times. For him, politics is not fighting and winning elections but an opportunity to serve the people. People believe him and his words. He counts on the blessings of the people and rededicates himself for their cause.

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