Mo Sarkar in Bolangir: Effective Feedback System Helps Resolve Issues in Rural Housing Swiftly


Bhubaneswar: Any project that is intended for the good of the common man needs to be evaluated for its effective implementation. Rural Housing, being one of the most important schemes in Odisha has been providing dwelling units to the needy and has been evaluated through a number of steps including feedback and ground visits.

The success of the scheme depends on the due feedback and field verification and the action taken required. Any issue raised during the feedback process needs to be resolved immediately to make it an effective one.

During one of the feedback calls to a beneficiary under the Rural Housing Scheme in the Belpada Block of Bolangir District, it was found that the phone number of the beneficiary named Sitaram Parua was actually did not belong to him but one of his relatives.

The receiver of the feedback call, also being the beneficiary of the scheme, did give a feedback but about his family. Both the beneficiaries received the mandatory financial assistance for building the dwelling units in time. This incident proves that effective implementation of any scheme needs to have a proper feedback mechanism.

In the present case, the feedback call from the highest level administrative officers was analyzed and Bolangir Collector Arindam Dakua made the ground visit to ascertain the implementation instantly. This shows that the robust feedback mechanism has been working successfully in the district.

The Government of Odisha, in order to bring in transparency and accountability, has decided to implement Mo Sarkar Initiative in different departments. The Panchayati Raj department,which has been included into the Mo Sarkar fold is stressing on the feedback system for better accountability. Feedback, being one of the core components of the Mo Sarkar, will play a major role in providing government benefits to the needy.

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