Kalahandi- Scripting a New Tale of Transformation


Bhawanipatna: Kalahandi, once a name that infamous for hunger, was regarded as one of the country’s most backward and deprived regions. However, in last two decades, thanks to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s pro-people development polices Kalahandi now put itself among one of the top rice-producing districts of India.

Till the early 2000s, starvation deaths and distress migration were the norm here, with reports of families in distress selling off their children.

Things have changed a lot in terms of development in many sector – be it road communication, telecommunication or agricultural development. Migration have also gone down significantly in last two decades.

The transformation was not overnight, it was due to Naveen Patnaik’s sustained and focused approach for the development of the region, which is now on a new transformation path.

Today, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, an auspicious day, Naveen Patnaik has added another tale of transformation by dedicating projects worth of Rs 1011.152 crore that include mega Upper Indvati Lift Canal System with an investment of Rs.986.71 crore.

The canal system will provide irrigation facility to 25,275 hectares of land benefitting more than 3 lakh people.

A whopping 43.26 km concrete canal has been built in the system while laying 1142 km underground pipeline.

Latest technology has been used in the project which was completed in record time.

Besides, Naveen Patnaik also dedicated number micro check dams which will further increase the irrigation potential of the region.

The host of projects is expected to bring in more greenery improving agricultural activities in the region which was once a dry and barren lands.

It shows what government irrigation and improved farm input can do to the fortunes of a region despised for its backwardness.

Water was all that Kalahandi needed and once it came,there was no looking back.

Naveen Patnaik has also laid foundation stone of slews of projects that will further accelerate the development in the region and it continues to be the new rice bowl of Odisha.

Naveen Patnaik has also laid foundation stone of slews of projects worth of Rs. 1020.34 crores including projects related to irrigation, energy, health sector, food processing sector and road infrastructure. It will further accelarate the development in the region and it countinue to be the new rice bowl of Odisha.

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