Don’t Miss the Bus to Be Part of Golden History of Odisha in Making


Bhubaneswar: In a democracy, people are the masters and the government is of the people. With this motto and philosophy of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Odisha is witnessing a steady development in all spheres and the people who are core in the transformation are feeling the change and quality of services being offered to them.

The unparalleled development in many social and economic parameters is only possible due to a strong government with a strong willpower to bring smiles in the face of common people.

With the passing of time, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has shown a truly dynamic governance system adopting pragmatic approaches to development like ‘5-T’ and ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiatives to name a few. This revolutionary approach to development is already beginning to transform the service delivery mechanism in the state and making the government more people friendly. The core ideas imbibed in the 5-T Initiative such as Mo Sarkar are aimed at making the government responsible and change the way governance is being done. Within a few days of implementation of the path breaking initiatives, a phenomenal change is being witnessed on the ground and everybody is feeling the winds of change.

Development of the people should always be above politics and especially at a time when the state is on the developmental trajectory and triggering a silent revolution in the healthcare delivery services and bringing a sea change in government service delivery mechanism in a time bound manner. However, envying such dynamic citizen centric approach of the Naveen-led Government, a political leader who claims to be the front runner to lead a political party in the State is trying to derail the development agenda and has been vocal in criticizing 5T and “Mo Sarkar” initiatives which are well appreciated by the common people. Such irrelevant criticism by none other than a former bureaucrat who failed to implement these types of pro-people reforms during her tenure when she was at the helm of the affairs also does not go well with the people and proves that those opposing the dynamism and new initiatives have really gone bankrupt of new ideas.

What is wrong if a government adopts path-breaking initiatives such as ‘5-T’ and ‘Mo Sarkar? And why are opposition leaders making needless noise? Instead, all leaders irrespective of party lines should lend a helping hand on the new initiatives being taken by the government and should play a constructive role by offering out of box new ideas to serve the people. There are better ways to be part of the silent revolution in government service delivery system and be a part of the Golden history of Odisha being scripted today by Naveen Patnaik.

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