Analyzing Assault of Corona virus on Modern Civilization from the Perspective of Mahatma Gandhi


Looking at alarming spread of Corona Virus across the world from the perspective of Mahatma Gandhi who outlined the fragility of modern civilisation because of multiplication of wants and desires and a culture which disregards control of palate and celebrates uncontrollable consumption.

The Governments across the world must take concerted action for conducting mass tests to detect corona virus in human bodies. All such tests must be done free of cost. Organised efforts must be made for providing ventilators on a war footing to enable critical patients to breathe. Enlisting of critical care staff and providing huge space to quarantine millions of people who would be infected in next fifteen days must get priority. Already India has reached third stage of infection and rapid spread of virus is truly alarming.

The Union Govt. continued to neglect health sector during the last six years. It would never help people and nation in critical times. We are into deep trouble. Let us see who among us would survive in this deadly assault of a virus which is a by product of human greed manifested in multiplication of wants and desires and uncontrolled consumption of resources of the planet. Human beings thought that they would dominate nature for creating modern civilisation which Gandhi interrogated in 1909 and described it as a nine day wonder and predicted that it would collapse. Therefore, he prescribed that control of palate should be a way of life.

The shut down in developed world and other countries because of fast spread of contagious virus called Corona and the rising deaths prove Gandhi right. His prediction is supported by Molecular biologist Joshua Lederberg’s dire warning. A nobel prize winner in medicine in 1958 he warned with rare far sighted vision that , “viruses pose the single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on this planet.”

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