Aim and Purpose of Lockdowns Have Failed In India: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today criticized the central government for its inability to contain the deadly Coronavirus saying the four phases of nationwide lockdown have failed and have not given the expected results. Speaking to media through video conferencing, Rahul said “The PM will accept that his first plan failed. The PM has gone on back foot, I request him to play on the front foot”.

Questioning the strategy of the government on reopening the country, Rahul said, “What is the central government’s plan to go forward as the disease is growing exponentially in the country”. He said India is the only country which is relaxing the lockdown norms when the number of coronavirus cases is rising exponentially.

Commenting on the state of economy in the country, Rahul stressed for injection of money and capital as it will be fatal if we do not do it. The unemployment situation in the country has been compounded by the coronavirus problem, he said.

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