5-T On Ground: Subarnapur’s Mo Jilla Initiative Promises Direct Feedback from Beneficiaries


Subarnapur: When the aim is transformation of the age old administrative machinery and development is the agenda, it certainly needs a change in working culture. In its pursuit to transform the process of governance in accordance with the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s ambitious 5-T Mantra, the district administration has struck the right chord. It has started an innovative way to bring in change through Mo Jilla which promises a visible change in the way governance reaches the public.

Based on the 5-T framework of the State Government, the Mo Jilla initiative launched by Collector Monisha Banerjee has all the ingredients that are necessary to bring in a positive change in a time bound manner. The initiative promises to bring in accountability and develop a culture of cooperation between different departments. The two major components of the Mo Jilla initiative, monthly interdepartmental coordination meeting and direct feedback from beneficiaries by senior officials are going to change the way of development.

Mo Jilla Initiative Aims to Bring In Transformation In Governance

According to Collector Monisha Banerjee, the administration wants to get rid of the bottlenecks in the way of governance with better coordination between different implementing agencies. The administration has started monthly interdepartmental coordination meeting that will be held on specific intervals. All departments that are associated with the delivery of public services and the officers associated with the implementation of development work will sit together to sort out the bottlenecks in the way of developmental work. It has been taken on a priority by the administration that no public service should be hampered due to administrative inaction.

The second aspect of Mo Jilla initiative aims to reach out to the people directly leading to better feedback. The administration has decided to implement direct telephonic feedback program in which senior officials of the administration including the Collector herself and, ADM, Sub-Collectors will talk to the beneficiaries directly on their problems. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been stressing on the aspect of reaching out to the people directly and has asked the officials to implement Mo Sarkar program in this regard. On those lines, the Subarnapur District administration’s efforts are also seem to be bringing positive transformation. The beneficiaries of social benefits such as Rural Housing, NFSA, SAM and other initiatives will be monitored through this. The administration wants to assess the impact of the Mo Jilla initiative in the coming months and will make changes if required to bring in the best.

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